More than 125 citizen delegates from Door and Kewaunee counties will travel to Madison to deliver our legislative and state agency agendas. The 2017 Legislative Agenda includes the following topics: 
  1. Support for Additional Funding for Improving Rural Broadband;
  2. Protect the Public’s Drinking Water in Our At-Risk Karst Geo-Region;
  3. Protecting Water Quality of Door/Kewaunee Rivers;  
  4. School Start Date: Oppose Repeal of Statewide Standard;
  5. Consistent and Adequate Funding for the Harbor Assistance Program.

For those who may be new to Legislative Days, the program consists of organizing a delegation of over 100 citizens to travel to Madison for two major purposes:

1) Educate state officials and legislators on an accurate picture of Door and Kewaunee Counties and dispel the widespread misperception in Madison that we are a uniformly wealthy, problem free area.; and

2) Lobby for assistance from Madison that will help us address issues, projects, and opportunities that are uniquely special to Door and Kewaunee Counties and enjoy broad community support.