Submit Issues for 2021 Legislative Days

To submit an issue for consideration please visit:

2021 Door Kewaunee Legislative Days Issue Submission 

Purposes of Legislative Days:

  1. Educate state officials and legislators on Door and Kewaunee Counties and dispel the widespread misperception in Madison that we are a uniformly wealthy, problem free area; and
  2. Request assistance from state government that will help us address issues, projects, and opportunities that are uniquely special to Door and Kewaunee Counties.

An issue for Door Kewaunee Counties Legislative Days should fit the following criteria:

  1. The issue should be local, having unique implications for Door and/or Kewaunee Counties (Avoid state-wide or national issues)
  2. The issue must be non-controversial
  3. The issue exceeds our local capacity to deal with it. We need to show we have done all we can locally to resolve the issue, but some type of state action or support is needed.

Anyone may submit an issue for consideration, but there is no guarantee it will be on the agenda.  The Steering Committee will have the final say.