Our 2009 Legislative Agenda

A Thank You for the Phosphorous Fertilizer Control Bill

We would like to  thank the Wisconsin Legislature and Governor on the passage and signing of the Phosphorus Fertilizer Control Bill

Maintain the Wisconsin Fund

We urge the legislature to continue financial support for replacing of failing home wastewater treatment facilities.

Protect Drinking Water in At-Risk Karst Geology Areas

To prevent the contamination of groundwater and drinking water in at-risk regions around the state, legislators must enact legislation that will: Create a “Carbonate Bedrock Management Area” for Kewaunee, Door, Calumet, Manitowoc and Brown counties, in which the application of wastes to land is restricted  based on the risk of contamination to groundwater.

Prevailing Wage Rates Expanding to All Public Construction Projects

We oppose proposed legislation that would broaden and substantially expand the scope of prevailing wage on traditional public works and publicly funded private construction projects.  Locally, expanding the scope of prevailing wage would render our Wire-Tech/Affordable Housing TIFF district un-workable.

Improve DNR process for permitting docks, piers and dredging.

Clearer guidelines and more communication needs to be established to streamline the process and promote greater cooperation between all parties involved.  Additional resources should be directed as needed to ensure DNR staff have capabilities to process permits.

K – 12 and Tech College Funding

Three of Door County’s five school districts receive minimal school aids; two do not receive any equalized aid, but are dependent upon the local school levy for more than 90% of their annual budgets.  The Door County schools are doing their job of finding local resolutions for local problems.  However, our communities and school districts need state legislators to do their job of finding legislative resolution for problems that extend beyond local jurisdiction.

The technical school system provides a valuable service to the State, yet Northern Door County pays a property tax bill FAR in excess of the cost for the students and only limited programs are established to serve the far northern population. The NWTC board should be accountable to the electorate just like local school boards.

Oppose Proposed Legislation to Repeal of Wisconsin’s Uniform  School Starting Date

Current law prohibits a school district from commencing fall classes in any year until September 1, AB125/SB109  would repeal this provision.  This would have a negative impact on tourist visits to Door County, resulting in reduced sales tax revenues for local government and reduced sales in the retail and hospitality sectors of our local economy.

Oppose Moving the Coastal Management Program from Department of Administration to DNR

The Coastal Management Program has benefited Door County by supporting economic development, beach protection and water quality projects.  Moving it to the DNR and eliminating Coastal Management staff would narrow and shift it’s focus to the regulatory mission relating to water quality.

Ballast Water Permitting Program to Protect Great Lakes from Invasive Species

Regulating ballast water discharges is urgently needed to help protect the Great Lakes from invasive species. We urge the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources seek the advice and input of Wisconsin port communities, vessel owner/operators, shippers, shipyards and labor unions as it develops a vessel ballast water discharge permitting program.