2017 Legislative Days

Door Kewaunee Legislative Days 2017 was pleased to invite local citizens to join us in our mission to call on every legislator in Madison. Door Kewaunee Legislative Days main events were Wednesday, April 5, and delegates  called on state legislators in the afternoon and enjoyed a reception with legislators and guests that evening. The remainder of the April 5-6 event was reserved for visiting with state officials and selected state agencies.

 More than 125 citizen delegates from Door and Kewaunee counties travelled to Madison to deliver our legislative and state agency agendas. The 2017 Legislative Agenda included the following topics: 

  1. Support for Additional Funding for Improving Rural Broadband;
  2. Protect the Public’s Drinking Water in Our At-Risk Karst Geo-Region;
  3. Protecting Water Quality of Door/Kewaunee Rivers;  
  4. School Start Date: Oppose Repeal of Statewide Standard;
  5. Consistent and Adequate Funding for the Harbor Assistance Program. 

Critical to the success of this event is the active participation of at least 100 Door and Kewaunee County citizen representatives, so that at least one local delegate will visit with every legislator. The cost to participate for delegates is only $30, made possible by a variety of area financial sponsors. The subsidized fee included three meals and a logo polo shirt. Training sessions were held prior to the event, so anyone could participate. 

Legislative Days 2017 Photos